Error “A content model fragment is badly configured” in ACS delivery

Find and open the erroneous content fragment, and add a space anywhere, and then delete it. Then try triggering the delivery again.

Description description

Adobe Campaign (AC)
Adobe Campaign Standard (ACS)

Delivery analysis fails with the error:  A content model fragment is badly configured.

The reason for this is a content fragment in the email delivery is breaking the html leading to this error.

This is a known issue. A content fragment which was working normally earlier will start throwing the error suddenly.

Resolution resolution


Follow these steps to troubleshoot and resolve the issue:

  1. Open the delivery HTML. Search for data-fragment-name. That will give you the content fragment name that is creating this issue.
  2. Go to Resource > Content Fragments and open the erroneous content fragment. Open its HTML and add a space anywhere, and then delete it, so that the HTML does not change (so it remains the same as before you began). Then Save the content fragment.
  3. Try triggering the delivery again. This time it should analyze successfully and will go out.