AAM, Twitter ID sync and/or Destination Returns Authentication Error

This article addresses an issue with configuring a Twitter ID Sync and/or destination within Adobe Audience Manager (AAM). The solution is to select only segments without specific characters in their name when creating the Twitter destination or mapping segments to it. If necessary, rename the segment before mapping to Twitter to resolve the limitation in the Twitter API.

Description description


Adobe Audience Manager


When configuring a Twitter ID Sync and/or destination within AAM, you may receive this authentication error:

Resolution resolution

Segments with (+ & , % : ; @ / = ? $) in their name cannot be mapped to a Twitter destination, due to limitations in the Twitter API.

When creating the Twitter destination (or when mapping new segments to an existing Twitter destination), be sure to select only segments that do not have these characters.

If a segment needs to be sent to Twitter and has these characters in the title, then change the segment name before mapping to Twitter.

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