Campaign Classic: Emails not going out with Capacity Typology

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Adobe Campaign Classic


Emails are not going out with Capacity Typology.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a workflow that has a Recurring Delivery.

  2. In the scheduling properties, set schedule delivery (automatic execution when the scheduled date is reached).

  3. Setup Extraction Calculation: AddMinutes(ToDate(@created),10) and Contact Date Calculation: AddDays(ToDate(@created),1)

  4. Execute this workflow the first time, and it will work normally.

  5. After the expiration of the first delivery created, execute the workflow the second time, it fails with the error:

    code language-none
    PMdeliveryRecurring WKF-560038 Error when performing action 'Prepare' on delivery 'Email delivery' (of identifier ). Please refer to the journal of this delivery for more information (object associated with the workflow task).
  6. The Delivery gives the error:

    code language-none
    PMXSV-350122 An error occurred and the process has been stopped.
       PMSOP-330011 Error while executing the method 'PrepareTargetImpl' of service 'nms:delivery'.
       PMDLV-490037 The delivery cannot be started because the resources are not available. Please restart the analysis process.

Resolution resolution


The following is recommended for use:

Extraction Date Calculation: AddMinutes(@created,10)
Contact Date Calculation: AddMinutes(@created,11)

Use the recommended ones above Instead of these:

  • Extraction Date Calculation: AddMinutes(ToDate(@created),10)
  • Contact Date Calculation: AddDays(ToDate(@created),1)

For older Campaigns, please use the getDate() function, instead of @created in the ‘Delivery’ activity.

It will set the date of the delivery when the activity is triggered, and the backdated issue will not occur.

For example, in place of AddMinutes(@created, 10 ), you can use AddMinutes(GetDate(),10 ) instead.