Campaign Classic - Extended field is not accessible from JavaScript code running in MTA

Description description

The customer is trying to use the WeChat API and has created a custom connector for that. He has extended the external account schema to add some parameters used by the WeChat API like a session token column, username, etc. When he is using queryDef in a JS activity in a workflow, he is able to pull data from the new columns. However, when he is using this connector to trigger a delivery, the queryDef function isn’t able to find the new columns. He is getting the error “attribute ‘weChatToken’ unknown”. This means when this script is being run by the MTA, it is not able to query newly created columns. But the same script, when used in a workflow, we are able to pull/push data. When we query an OOTB column in this connector, we are able to pull data. The only issue is coming with newly created columns.

Resolution resolution

Adobe Engineering confirmed that Campaign is not supporting the functionality of MTA querying new columns using queryDef function.

An Enhancement request in order to have this capability added to Campaign was rejected as such functionality could lead to serious concurrency problems between emails, sms, push, and custom API priorities on MTA.