ODBC syntax or semantic analysis error when extending schema on Hadoop table

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  • Campaign Classic
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It has been reported with Campaign clients using the Hadoop connector that when they attempt to extend a schema on a Hadoop table, an error like the following is produced.

ODB-240000 ODBC error: HortonworksHardy(80) Syntax or semantic analysis error thrown in server while executing query.
Error message from server: Error while compiling statement:
FAILED: ParseException line 1:66 missing EOF at ')' near 'eflyer_email_addr' SQLState: 37000
WDB-200001 SQL statement 'SELECT Concat(C0.campaign_email_nm,','), C0.eflyer_email_addr),','), C0.language_preference_cd), C0.campaign_email_nm, C0.eflyer_email_addr, C0.language_preference_cd FROM campaign_mgmt_encrypted_im.campaign_eflyer_loyalty_open_clicks_fct C0' could not be executed.

Resolution resolution

The issue has been reported in NEO-17390 and fixed in all recent builds starting from 9178. To fix this issue, an upgrade is required.