Campaign Standard - Can we receive default content even if we don’t pass any value in “AC_language” in the REST call?

Description description

We have to click on the “initialize content variant” section to add multiple languages.

In the content section, we have added default and English-Us content.

Assuming that we have added the AC_language attribute in the event and published it, now in the REST code if we pass

AC_language= en_us then it will trigger the “en_us” content.

What if, we don’t pass any value in AC_language section, will we receive default content?

Resolution resolution

Yes, this is the expected behavior.

The rule is that if in the event, there is AC_language AND if AC_language is corresponding to a known variant, then this variant will be used.

Otherwise for all other cases, the ‘default’ variant will be used (if AC_language contains an unknown variant name, or if AC_language is empty or does not exist in the event).