In a WebApp, after clicking on Preview tab, the displayed login page requires credentials

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  • Campaign Classic
  • Campaign
  • Campaign Classic v7


When accessing a web application in the Campaign Classic console where access control is set to Anonymous access, it does not require access credentials when the webpage is previewed through the Preview tab.

As soon as you enable access control and try to access the web application in the Adobe Camping console, a web login page is displayed when the webpage is previewed through the Preview tab.

Resolution resolution

Web application access has been restricted, and each time such a web application is previewed, the operator’s credentials are requested.

This was introduced from build  *8795*wherein on previewing the WebApp with enabling access control, the login credentials are asked.

This change was done in order to enhance security and mitigate the vulnerability. The CTX should be encrypted so that nobody could alter it in this case.