How to kill process using shell activity command if stopping it in console doesn’t work?

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  • Campaign Classic
  • Campaign
  • Campaign Classic v7

There is a workflow which was stopped because it was transferring the files to the server.

The process can’t stop even though it is stopped from Campaign Client Console.

How to find the process and kill the workflow?

Note: Unconditional stop has also been tried but doesn’t work.

Resolution resolution

On-premises customers:

There are two ways to do the needful.

  • Instance restart would kill all the processes.
  • If the instance can’t be restarted owing to the critical data loss, then check the runwf server using the ps -edf |grep runwf command and check any process running.

Then confirm the process PID and kill it.

Customers with instances hosted by Adobe: please contact Adobe Support as you will not have access to the back end of the application.