Recurring delivery details in the broadLogRcp table

Learn how to link recurring delivery details (campaign/workflows names) in the broadLogRcp table.

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Linking of recurring delivery details (campaign/workflows names) in the broadLogRcp table

The broadLogRcp table contains all the deliveries sent to the recipients from the Adobe Campaign.

For normal deliveries, any delivery that is linked to a workflow/campaign, will have the information linked to the broadLogRcp table as well.

However, in case of, recurring deliveries that are associated with any workflow/campaign will not have the workflow/campaign details linked to the broadLogRcp table.

Resolution resolution

The recurring deliveries do not have the information linked to the broadLogRcp table, because only the parent delivery is directly associated/included in the workflow/campaign.

To verify this, you can check the delivery dashboard. If a delivery is directly associated with any workflow/campaign, it will show up in the dashboard as well.

Whatever information is visible in the delivery dashboard under the highlighted section, is visible in the broadLogRcp table as well for the corresponding delivery.