Sending deliveries with different Sender Names

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Using different Sender Names in deliveries

Sender Name in the delivery form helps determine the name with which you want your email to be viewed as and this is configured in the email header parameters which you can view by clicking From in the email section in the specific delivery.

To change the Sender Name, you simply have to edit the name in the form above, and no further action is required.

However, it is always better to perform certain steps to ensure a decent IP/domain reputation of your deliveries.

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Follow these steps to check the authenticity of a Sender Name
When introducing a new sender name, it is always suggested to perform a placement test as it may have an impact at any point of time in future, hence it is always suggested to perform an inbox placement test using the sender’s name to validate its authenticity.

Step 1: You can perform an inbox placement test by using the new sender names and then use them to target the delivery.

Step 2: To perform the test, take 2-3 existing Gmail address and 2-3 new Gmail addresses. Send an Email with the new Sender name to all those Email addresses and check in which folder category that Email has landed exactly. Based upon the Email’s landing to junk/spam or primary/promotion, it will help you know more about the sender name’s impact.

The reason behind suggesting Gmail is, majority of Email database is on Gmail only, hence testing on the Gmail will help you a lot. Rest of the testing can be done based on which ISP is the higher one, i.e., Gmail, yahoo, Hotmail, etc.