Push notifications fail due to APNS mapping to APNS_SANDBOX

This articles discusses the issue where push notifications in Adobe Campaign don’t make it to the recipients because of a misconfiguration on the pipelineD service.

Description description


  • Campaign
  • Campaign Classic


It has been reported that for push notifications, Campaign will display 100% sent, but no push notifications make it to the recipients.

One of the reasons found for this is a misconfiguration on the pipelineD service, where APNS is mapping to APNS_SANDBOX.

Resolution resolution

The issue was addressed in CAMP-37240, which required a configuration change to the pipelineD process.

Documented change to serverConf.xml:

<topic endpoint="" name="mccs_push_notifications_feedback" pipelineName="">
        <consume endpoint="" group="$(INSTANCE_NAME)_new" pipelineName=""/>