Error on workflow instance ‘Recovery of web events’

Description description

Campaign Classic

The webAnalyticsGetWebEvents  workflow is failing with the error you do not have access to view this request.

Resolution resolution

Due to recent changes to the environment, segment IDs got corrupted, they are not properly synchronized between two products.

There are two solutions to this problem:

Solution One:

  1. Locate all corrupted segment IDs (Analytics Support can help here), and put 0(zero) in their requestId=“” inside NmsWebSegments_LastStates. Save it.

    Rerun workflow again. You will get calculation incomplete warnings however this is normal and should resolve once the calculation on the data warehouse side completes.

Solution Two:

  1. Reset NmsWebSegments_LastStates. It will set the option NmsWebSegments_LastStates value blank. Rerun workflow to pull all segments again with new IDs.

The recommended approach is to use the first option.