Total number of users for each product in Admin Console

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  • Customer Journey Analytics
  • Adobe Analytics


What does the total number of users for each product under the Overview tab in the Admin Console represent?

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Each product tile shows the number of users. This is not the actual number of users for each individual product. It is the sum of ENTITLED USERS for the product. For example*, s*uppose the total users under the Overview tab in Admin Console Analytics are 2012. This number will match the figures in ENTITLED USERS in Product Profiles. This means the number of users, i.e., 2012, is a duplicated number where a user that exists in two product profiles would be counted twice. Follow these steps to check.

Steps to reproduce

  • Go to Admin Console >   Overview to check the total users.
  • To validate this number, go to Admin Console > Products > select Analytics > Product Profiles and count the number of ENTITLED USERS.

Expected results

Total users in Product Profiles match the total users in the Overview tab of Admin Console Analytics.