Notifications sent from wrong domain after database refresh

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  • Campaign Classic
  • Campaign

Workflow notifications after database refresh are sent from the production domain, and links in the content redirect to the production workflows.

Resolution resolution

Check if after refresh:

  • In Deployment Wizard, sender mask and address point to stage and not production.
  • Check if the options below point to stage and not production:


  • Check if the notification templates have the From field empty. if they do, they will pick up the options values.
  • Templates must be found under Administration - Campaign Management - Technical Delivery templates.

If all is good, but notifications are still sent from the wrong domain:

The approval/notification emails are all sent from the same technical recurring delivery that was analyzed and prepared long ago when the parameters were still pointing to production.

This means that any changes made in the options are not considered in these notification emails, as no new delivery preparation had to be done.

To fix it, stop the technical delivery Notification of the assignees for a workflow task  under Administration - Production - Objects created automatically - Technical deliveries - Workflow notifications.

A new notification will create a new delivery with the latest and correct variables.