Adobe I/O projects not available in the Admin Console

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Adobe Analytics


A project created via Adobe I/O is not showing up in the Admin Console.

Resolution resolution

There are two types of authentications that the Adobe I/O Console provides:

  1. OAuth Integration:

    • It doesn’t need to be linked to a product profile, because users have to log in with their Adobe ID to access the API via this authorization.
    • The kind of API, elements, metrics, etc., a user can access is based on the user profile.
  2. Service Based Integration:

    • It is particularly used by teams or users like the Dev team.
    • Its authentication is done via a public-private key.
    • It needs to be linked to a product profile. Why? Because users don’t log in to access the API. They’re to use a private key to get the access token.
    • So, how would you decide the API access level where a user is not logging in via their Adobe ID? That’s where the product profile comes into the picture. Whatever access is there in the profile, the same applies to the API.