ACC - Billing (active profiles) fails: integer out of range

Learn how to resolve the billingActiveContactCount issue where the SQL statement ‘INSERT INTO NmsActiveContact,sSource,tsLastContact,iSourceId’ could not be executed.

Description description


Adobe Campaign Classic


While running the billingActiveContactCount workflow, the following error occurs:

WDB-200001 SQL statement 'INSERT INTO NmsActiveContact(sActiveContactKey,sSource,tsLastContact,iSourceId) SELECT COALESCE( sFld4005298238, NULL),COALESCE( sFld4007002175, NULL),COALESCE( tsFld4007002176, NULL),COALESCE( CASE iEnaFld869990403 WHEN 1 THEN biFld869990403 ELSE NULL END, 0) FROM wkf183571193_18893_1 WHERE iRecProcState>:#(1)# AND iRecProcState<=:#(2)# AND COALESCE(sPKey_1,NULL) IS NULL' could not be executed. Param(0)=0 Param(1)=10000

Resolution resolution

This issue has been reported to R&D (NEO-16828 and NEO-37066) and has been addressed by an overhaul of the billing workflow in builds 9330+.