“noData.erMissing algoId” appears in recommendations trace on the page

Learn about the error that appears randomly on the first page load of activity URL.

Description description




noData.erMissing algoId error appears randomly on the first page load of activity URL. Recommendations work fine on refresh without any error.

Resolution resolution

It happens for entities not cached at the Target edge server. On refresh, R3 edge gets the result and delivers entity recommendations for the same page, which did not deliver on the first hit.

To avoid this, there is a privilege available in client settings of choosing consistency over speed.

Steps for the above configuration:

  1. Log in to Recommendations classic and Click on Edit against the required account.

  2. Ensure Redirect to central on first NoContentDataException  is selected.

The above configuration ensures that if the R3 edge does not have the recommended entities, the results would be fetched from the central server. This may lead to a delay in fetching the results on the first page load. However, it would ensure consistent recommendation results on each page load.