Adobe Campaign: How To Use Emoji In Subject Line For Emails

Use Emoji in the subject line of your email by following the steps mentioned below.

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Campaign Classic

How do you add emojis in the subject line of an email?

Resolution resolution

Follow these steps to fix the issue:

  1. When inserting an emoji into a subject line, the required base string formatting is:


  2. Search the hexadecimal code of the desired emoji to insert (for example, F0 9F 98 81 on the website

  3. Add the hexadecimal code in the base string like the following:


Additional Information

  • It is possible to paste this directly on a delivery subject. The character won’t be visible until proofs have been sent, but it will be functional. The rendering is on the mailer provider side, but almost all providers should be able to render these characters.
  • Emojis don’t render within Adobe Campaign, which is why when it’s saved and then re-opened, the emoji is question-marked.