Empty return error for “Logon” of “xtk:session” for Message Center

Description description

Adobe Campaign Classic

Resolve the error Empty return for method ‘Logon’ of service 'xtk: session’ for Message Center technical workflows, which fails due to scheduled server restart time.

Avoid the Message Center syncing workflows (Message Center execution instance 1 (mcSynch_mcExec1)) that keeps failing with the error Empty return for method ‘Logon’ of service ‘xtk: session’ at the marking instance.

This error occurs because the RT server is starting at the same time, which causes the issue since marketing would not be able to connect to RT.

Resolution resolution

Follow these steps to fix the issue:

  1. Verify the Technical workflow’s logs to see the time that the error occurs.
  2. If the time for the error and server restart is the same, modify the scheduler of the Marketing side workflows (mcSynch_mcExec) to change the start time to 5 or 10 minutes after server restart.