Skill Exchange Event Aug 2023 - Experience Maker Spotlight - Creating Highly Personalized Marketing Emails using AEM

Email communication is one of the most important ways you can reach your existing and potential new customers. Being able to create highly personalized emails efficiently can greatly increase customer engagement. When someone thinks of AEM (Adobe Experience Manager), they often think about websites and web content. But did you know that AEM can be used to create Emails as well?

During this session, you will hear how T. Rowe Price helped build AEM Email Core Components and leveraged them to build scalable and highly personalized email templates. We will explore various options available to integrate these Core Components with email orchestration services such as Adobe Campaign and Adobe Journey Optimizer. We will also talk about how you can use the power of Content Fragments and Experience Fragments to create multi-channel content. Last but not the least, we will take look at the new and reimagined way to personalize and segment email templates.