Creating Headless Omnichannel Experiences with AEM 6.5 creating-headless-omnichannel-experiences-with-aem

You need to create the next level of fluid experiences to keep up with your fast-paced customers in the evolving digital landscape. Learn how the latest innovations in Adobe Experience Manager 6.5 can make it possible. Deep-dive into key innovations such as Single-Page Application (SPA) Editor, Content & Experience fragments, In-context editing, and many more. Best practices for leveraging the above innovations to accelerate and automate the design and delivery of experiences across channels. Introduction to the Content Services Framework in Adobe Experience Manager. A demo of the customer journey across mobile, single page applications, and email. Architectural considerations when designing for mature and emerging channels.

This webinar was delivered within Experience Insider and is kept here for reference.

Delivered 04/16/19

Presented by:

  • Amol Anand, Principal Consultant, Technical Architect, Adobe

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