Using OSGi R7 in AEM using-osgi-r-in-aem

The OSGi R7 release represents many significant new features and capabilities and provides an open standards-based approach for a number of modern valuable and simple-to-use technologies important to Java developers. New features include (amongst others):

  • Declarative Services update
  • New Bundle Annotations
  • Push Streams and Promises
  • Converter
  • Http Whiteboard
  • Configurator and Configuration Admin
  • Java 9 support

In this session, we will highlight and explain the most interesting additions in OSGi R7 with a focus on what can be used with AEM 6.4 already.

Delivered 10/17/18

Presented by:

  • Karl Pauls, Computer Scientist, Adobe
  • Carsten Ziegeler, Principal Scientist, Adobe
  • David Bosschaert, Senior Software Engineer, Adobe

Date: 10/17/2018

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