Adobe Experience Platform - The Heart of Experience Cloud adobe-experience-platform-the-heart-of-experience-cloud

Everything starts with the Adobe Experience Platform. Discover how the platform plays a role in the experience business, helping you identify, understand, and engage customers and deliver consistent, continuous, and compelling experiences that delight them at every turn. In itself the platform is a System of Record for the Experience Business. Find out exactly what we mean by platform, including what it is, where it’s heading, how you can get value now and in the future, and even how Adobe partners can get involved. Of course, we won’t just talk about it, you’ll see it in action, too.

In this session, learn how:

  • The components that make up Adobe Experience Platform – Data Services
  • Data Science Workspace dramatically improves the design and delivery of rich customer experiences
  • First steps in integrating with Adobe Experience Platform & using Experience Data Model
  • Current and future integration options for third party developers

Delivered 08/08/2018

Presented by:

Klaasjan Tukker, Director Product Management, Adobe

Date: 08/08/2018

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