VideoPlayer.posterimage videoplayer-posterimage

Configuration attribute for Video Viewer.

[VideoPlayer.|<containerId>_videoPlayer.]posterimage=none|[ *image_id*][? *isCommands*]

none|[ image_id][? isCommands]

The image to display on the first frame before the video starts playing, resolved against serverurl. If specified in the URL, HTTP-encode the following:

  • ? as %3F

  • & as %26

  • = as %3D

If the image_id value is omitted, the component attempts to use the default poster image for that asset instead.

When the video is specified as a path, the default poster images catalog ID is derived from the video path as the catalog_id/image_id pair where catalog_id corresponds to the first token in the path. And, image_id is the name of the video with the extension removed. If the image with that ID does not exist, the poster image is not shown.

To prevent the display of the default poster image, specify none as the poster image value. If only the isCommands are specified, the commands are applied to the default poster image before the image is displayed.

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