Operations: New and Modified operations-new-and-modified

Describes new and changed operations methods for the IPS API version 4.5.


New Operations section-a3be679d8e9345aba2e97699c3a537b9

  • addMediaPortalEvent
  • addTagFieldValues
  • cdnCacheInvalidation
  • deleteTagFieldValues
  • deleteTagFieldValues
  • getDistinctMetadataValues
  • getMediaPortalEvent
  • getTagFieldValues
  • getXMPPacket
  • searchAssetsByFullText
  • searchAssetsByMetadata
  • setTagFieldValues
  • updateTagFieldValues
  • updateXMPPacket

Modified Operations section-1c022cc62d274c349837013f1c02ca51

  • Asset includes animatedGifInfo, swcInfo, cssInfo, and javascriptInfo parameters.
  • createMetadataField includes an optional isHidden parameter.
  • saveMetadataField includes an optional isHidden parameter.
  • searchAssets
  • The renameFiles parameter has been deprecated for prior releases and removed from the renameAsset operation. The virtual file path is changed to match the new asset name (preserving the file extension), while physical file paths are not affected. API clients need to remove references to this parameter when updating to the new API version.