Release Notes 2021 rn-2021

October 2021 october-2021

IP range and public key validity period

It is now possible to set a duration for the availability of IP ranges and public keys.

For more information, refer to the IP range allow listing and Key management sections.

IP range and public key edition
You can now edit the IP ranges and public keys that you create. Note that this feature is not available for the items created before the current Control Panel release.
Alerting on SFTP IP range and public key expiry

The email alerting functionality now includes alerts on SFTP IP allow listing expiration and SFTP public key expiration.

For more information, refer to the detailed documentation.

Full support with Campaign v8
The Subdomain and Certificate management capabilities are now supported by Control Panel on Adobe Campaign v8..

August 2021 august-2021

Support with Campaign v8

Control Panel is now available for Adobe Campaign v8, except the Subdomain and Certificate management capabilities, which are not yet supported.

For more information, refer to the Campaign v8 documentation.