Configure message consumers

Before you run this command, you must do the following or you must install the application:

Configure the consumers behavior

Configuring consumer behavior is done by sending key/value pairs within the setup function:

bin/magento setup:config:set [--<parameter_name>=<value>, ...]

Parameter descriptions

Determines if consumers will wait for a message from the queue.
1 - Yes, 0 - No
  • 0: Consumers process available messages in the queue, close the TCP connection, and terminate. Consumers do not wait for additional messages to enter the queue, even if the number of processed messages is less than the --max_messages value specified during starting consumers.

  • 1: Consumers continue to process messages from the message queue until reaching the maximum number of messages (the value specified for --max_messages on the queue:consumers:start command) before closing the TCP connection and terminating the consumer process. If the queue empties before reaching --max_messages the consumer waits for more messages to arrive. If you use workers to run consumers instead of using a cron job, set this variable to 1.

The --consumers-wait-for-messages option is a global option and cannot be configured separately for each consumer.