Post-launch steps

Once the website is live, these activities would be performed as soon as possible to ensure the site was launched properly:

  • Enable up-time monitoring tool (New Relic), activate checks, and monitor the site to ensure all services and access are in the green

  • Enable Adobe Commerce security scan periodically

  • Tag the cluster as live and create a support ticket to activate High SLA monitoring

  • The CSE (Customer Success Engineer) and TAM (Technical Account Manager) perform the following tasks as soon as cutover is complete:

    • Tag the cluster as High SLA for Adobe Commerce client and create a support ticket to activate it
    • Activate the internal Pingdom checks for domain names (public access to Pingdom is not available)
    • Review monitoring state and ensure all items are in green
    • Keep the stakeholders informed of the warranty duration and parameters by email on go-live day

Diagram showing phase 4 of the launch process