Run unit tests

All Magento CLI commands must be run by the file system owner.

This command runs a set of tests defined in the Commerce 2 code base. You can either run all tests or tests you select. Whenever an unsupported type is specified, the program terminates and lists all available types. Following execution, a detailed report displays showing the test run and results.


Before you run this command, the following must be true:

  • The Magento_Developer module must be enabled. You can enable it as follows:

    code language-bash
    bin/magento module:enable [--force] Magento_Developer

    Use the --force option only if it is necessary.

  • Your system must be set up to run the desired tests.

For example, to run integration tests, you should copy dev/tests/integration/etc/install-config-mysql.php.dist to dev/tests/integration/etc/install-config-mysql.php and modify it to suit your environment.

Running tests

Command usage:

bin/magento dev:tests:run <test>

To list the available test types:

bin/magento dev:tests:run --help

Sample return:

all, unit, integration, integration-all, static, static-all, integrity, legacy, default

For example, to run integration tests:

bin/magento dev:tests:run integration