Create an order with Quick Checkout

You can configure Quick Checkout to your needs using the options in the Adobe Commerce Admin.

Quick Checkout for Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source allows you to place an order directly from the Admin for your shoppers who need assistance. The Create New Order form includes all the information that is required to complete the normal checkout process, including secure credit card form to capture the credit card information. See Creating an order for detailed information about the required steps.

Hosted credit card fields

When placing orders on behalf of the shopper, the Quick Checkout appears as one of the available payment methods options:

  1. On the Admin sidebar, expand Sales and choose Orders.
  2. Click Create New Order.
  3. Complete sections as needed for the order (details explained in Creating an order).
  4. In the Payment Method section, you should be able to use your Quick Checkout as a payment method.
  5. Click Submit Order.
Users cannot use the OTP login to automatically fill in all shipping and payment details.