With Payment Services, you can use existing Commerce functionality for voiding transactions. Voids allow you to free the funds in a credit or debit card account that are blocked or held aside by an authorization for the amount of a purchase.

You can only void a transaction if payment is not yet captured.

If your store is configured to authorize only (not capture) funds at the point of sale, a purchase from your store results in an order with a Processing status in the Commerce Admin.

You can also cancel an order that is not invoiced. Any uncaptured authorizations are also voided as part of that cancellation process.

Canceling an order also produces a void, but voiding an order does not trigger a cancellation.

To learn more about the basic steps an order goes through, see the Order Workflow topic in the core user guide.

To learn about the void functionality and how to void an order transaction, see Processing an Order in the core user guide.