Onboard Payment Services

To get started using Payment Services for Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source, you must complete a few onboarding steps for connecting your instance with the payments functionality.

Onboarding flow

Onboarding flow

This onboarding flow diagram shows the general process for onboarding Payment Services.

After you complete onboarding for sandbox or live payments, financial reporting is accessible from Payment Services in the Admin.

If both sandbox and live payments are onboarded and enabled, you can easily switch between those modes from the Payment Services Home.


In order to use Payment Services, you must have the following available for your instance:

  • Services Connector module
  • Services ID module
  • API keys

The Services Connector and Services ID modules are automatically installed during the installation of Payment Services. When installation is complete, you can see a new section in the configuration settings (Stores > Settings > Configuration) when you expand ServicesCommerce Services Connector.

To learn how to create or access your API keys, see API credentials.

Onboarding steps

  1. Install the Payment Services extension.
  2. Obtain API credentials.
  3. Connect your instance to Commerce Services. This connect must be completed only once per Commerce instance.
  4. Set up the sandbox service (or, alternatively, proceed to enabling live payments if you’ve tested functionality in another environment) with a test PayPal payment processing account.
  5. Set Payment Services as your payment method, in sandbox mode, to start processing test payments.
  6. Request payments entitlement to enable live onboarding.
  7. Complete merchant onboarding to enable live payments for your Commerce websites.
  8. Get your Payment Services Merchant ID and hand it to Sales to configure the correct pricing tier.
  9. Enable Payment Services in live mode to begin processing live payments.
  10. Test Payments, in both sandbox and production environments.
If you do not configure your Commerce Services in the Admin (step 3), you cannot set up sandbox or live payments.