Manage Facets

Follow these instructions to update the properties of existing facets or change their presentation in the storefront.

Configure price facet groupings

Refer to Settings to configure price faceting intervals and groupings.

Edit facet

  1. Find the facet that you want to edit.

  2. If there are many facets in the list, set Filter by to one of the following:

    • Pinned
    • Dynamic

    To learn more, go to Facet Types.

    Filter facets

  3. To edit the facet properties, click More (…) options.

  4. Click Edit

    Edit options

  5. To edit the facet label, do one of the following:

    • For a Commerce storefront, edit the attribute label.
    • For a headless implementation, click the value in the first column and edit the text as needed.

    Edit label

  6. (Headless only) To change the method that is used to sort facet values, click the value in the Sort Type column and choose one of the following:

    • Alphabetical
    • Count

    Edit count

  7. In the Max Value column, set the maximum number (from 0 – 10) of facet filter values to show in the storefront.

  8. When complete, click Save.
    Your changes won’t appear in the storefront until after they are published.

Pin/unpin facet

The pin changes color when clicked and is used to move the facet to either the Pinned Facets or the Dynamic Facets section.

  1. To pin a facet to the top of the Filters list, find the facet in the Dynamic Facets list and click the gray pin ( Pin selector ).
    The pin turns blue and the facet moves to the Pinned Facets section.

  2. To unpin a facet, find the facet in the Pinned Facets list and click the blue pin ( Pin selector ).
    The pin turns gray and the facet moves to the Dynamic Facets section.

    Pinned and dynamic facets

Pinned facet ordering may be inconsistent if there are two labels with the same name.

Move pinned facet

The ordering of pinned facets is only supported in headless implementations. If ordered facets are needed, use the Live Search PLP widget.

The order of pinned facets can be changed by moving the row to a different position. Pinned facets have a Move icon ( Move selector ) at the beginning of the row. Unlike pinned facets, dynamic facets cannot be moved.

  1. Find the facet in the Pinned Facets section of the list.
  2. Use the Move ( Move selector ) icon to drag the row to a new position in the Pinned Facets section.
    After the changes are published, the reordered facets appear in the storefront Filters list.

Delete facet

  1. Find the facet in the list and click More (…) options.
  2. Click Delete.
  3. When prompted to confirm, click Delete facet.
    The facet is removed from the storefront after the changes are published.

Publish changes

  1. To update the storefront with your changes, click Publish changes.
  2. Wait about 15 minutes for the updates to appear in your store.