Update Profile Record Schema for Commerce Data Ingestion (Beta)

When your shoppers create a profile in your Commerce site, a profile record is created and data is captured. You must create a schema and dataset specific to that profile record before you can stream that profile data to the Experience Platform.

  1. Create a schema and set the class to Individual Profile.

  2. Add the following profile-specific field groups:

    • identityMap
    • Demographic Details
    • Personal Contact Details
    • User Account Details
  3. Enable the schema for Profile.

    When a schema is enabled for Profile, any datasets created from this schema participate in Real-Time CDP, which merges data from disparate sources to construct a complete view of each customer.

  4. Create a dataset based on the schema you created or updated.

    A dataset is a storage and management construct for a collection of data, typically a table that contains a schema (columns) and fields (rows). Datasets also contain metadata that describes various aspects of the data they store.

  5. Create a custom name space in Experience Platform with the following values:

    • Display Name: Commerce Customer ID
    • Identity Symbol: CustomerId
    • Type: Individual cross-device ID

    Create custom namespace {width="700" modal="regular"}

    Click Create. A custom namespace is used by the Unified Profile Service for stitching together profile fragments.

With the schema, dataset, and custom name space configured for customer profile record data, you can configure your Commerce instance to collect and send that data to Experience Platform.

To create a schema, dataset, and datastream for behavioral and back office event data, see update time series event schemas for Commerce data ingestion.