Sample data

If you need some example data when developing your store, you can install sample data. This data simulates an active Adobe Commerce store with customers, products, and other data. This sample data works best with a new Adobe Commerce on cloud infrastructure template installation.

As a best practice, install sample data in development and integration environments. If you use sample data in Staging or Production, then you must remove the information and products before going live.

Install sample data

To install sample data:

  1. On your local workstation, change to your project directory.

  2. At the root, enter the following command to add sample data:

    code language-bash
    ./bin/magento sampledata:deploy
  3. Wait for components to update.

  4. Commit and push the changes:

    code language-bash
    git add -A && git commit -m "Install sample data"
    code language-bash
    git push origin <branch-name>
  5. Wait for the project to deploy.

  6. Verify that the installation was successful by going to your storefront page in the integration environment. You can locate the URL link to the storefront through the Cloud Console.

  7. Take a snapshot of your environment:

    code language-bash
    magento-cloud snapshot:create -e <environment-ID>

You can start testing your development with live data!

Reset or uninstall sample data

You can reset or remove sample data following the same procedure used to install the sample data:

  • Delete sample data: ./bin/magento sampledata:remove
  • Reset sample data: ./bin/magento sampledata:reset