Onboard Channel Manager

After you complete the Channel Manager onboarding process, you can access, configure, and manage Walmart Marketplace channel sales operations from Adobe Commerce. Channel Manager is available from the Channel Manager option on the Commerce Admin Marketing menu.

Channel Manager option in Admin view {width="500"}


Review the requirements for using Channel Manager and gather the required account information and credentials to download, install, and configure the extension.

  • Walmart Marketplace requirements–Verify that you meet the requirements to integrate with Channel Manager including setting up your Seller account and generating the API key to enable the integration.

  • Commerce account information–Downloading and installing Channel Manager requires a Commerce account. You need an account ID and credentials with Owner or Admin access to the Adobe Commerce or Magento Open Source instance.

    • MAGE IDLog in to the Commerce account to get the ID from My Account - Magento settings.

      MAGEID on Commerce account settings {width="250"}

    • Access keys– Get authentication keys to download Commerce extensions from the Commerce Composer repository (repo.magento.com).

      Commerce Marketplace access keys {width="400"}

      On Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source projects, the owner can set up Shared Access to allow trusted employees and service providers to download extensions using credentials from the Owner or license holder account.

      For Adobe Commerce on cloud infrastructure projects, software installers must have the following access to the Commerce instance:

      • Super User access to the Cloud project
      • Admin access to a specific environment
      • an Adobe Commerce account with permissions to access the Composer repository

      See Manage user access in the Commerce on Cloud Infrastructure Guide.

  • Experience using Composer and the Commerce CLI–See Install an extension in the Installation Guide for information about using these tools to install and manage extensions on Adobe Commerce or Magento Open Source platforms.

  • Amazon Sales Channel version 4.4.2 or later–If you activated Amazon Sales Channel for your Commerce sites, verify that your Commerce platform has version 4.4.2 or later installed before you install Channel Manager.

  • Inventory Management extension for Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source

    If you plan to use Channel Manager for inventory and order management, you must have the Inventory Management extension installed and enabled on your Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source instance. Typically, this extension is installed and enabled by default on Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source 2.3.x and later.

    If you upgraded Commerce from 2.2.x, or if you have disabled Inventory Management, update your installation to include the required modules. See Install Inventory Management in the Inventory Management Guide.

System Requirements

Supported platforms

  • Adobe Commerce on Cloud (ECE) : 2.4.x
  • Adobe Commerce on premises (EE) : 2.4.x
  • Magento Open Source 2.4.x

Onboarding steps