Connect to Commerce Services

The Commerce Services Connector integrates the Channel Manager service with Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source instances. The connector enables data synchronization and communication between the Commerce instance, Channel Manager, and other supporting services.

Commerce Services Connector setup is a one-time process required to use Adobe Commerce SaaS services such as Channel Manager, Live Search, and Product Recommendations. If you have already configured the connector for another service, skip this step.


  • Commerce account–To install software on Commerce instances, you must have an account with Owner or Admin access to the Commerce platform.

    Account owners and Super users can create Admin accounts from the Commerce instance or from the command line using the Commerce CLI command admin:user:create.

  • Adobe Commerce Production API Key–This key enables API access to services required by Channel Manager. You need the public and private credentials for this key.

To provide the credentials, a Commerce license holder or account owner has options to share access, or give the API Key credentials to a trusted developer.

Configure the Commerce Services Connector

  1. Open the Store Services Configuration.

    • From the Admin, select Stores.

    • Under Settings, select Configuration.

    • Expand Services and select Commerce Services Connector.

  2. Add Production API key credentials from your Adobe Commerce account.

    Commerce Services Connector service in the Admin view {width="600" modal="regular"}

    note note
    If your Commerce instance has other Adobe Commerce services like Live Search or Product Recommendations installed, the credential information displays in the interface, and no further configuration is required.
  3. Configure the SaaS project and data space so that Commerce Services can send data to the Channel Manager service.

    Commerce Services Connector SaaS Identifier configuration in the Admin view {width="600" modal="regular"}