Manage Listings

Manage product listings for the Walmart Marketplace sales channel from the Channel Manager UI.

The Status for an individual listing indicates where the product is in the Channel Manager workflow so you can determine next steps and resolve any errors.

Listings page for a connected sales channel {width="500" modal="regular"}

You can complete the following tasks from the Listing view.

  • View current listings
  • Sort and filter the listings
  • Add products
  • Match products
  • Track listing status
  • Review error description for listings with an error status

View product listings

  1. From the Admin, go to Marketing > Channel Manager.

  2. From the Store list, select the eye icon in a store entry row to open the store view.

  3. Select Listings.

  4. Sort the Listing view by selecting any column heading in the Listing table.

  5. Filter the Listing view by selecting one of the status count cards.

  6. Reset the sort order and remove filters by selecting Refresh products.

Add Commerce products to Channel Manager

Create the product assortment for the Walmart Marketplace channel by completing the following tasks:

Match products on Walmart

You can create product offers on the Walmart Marketplace using product matching or by manually uploading product listings for new products.

  • Match products on Walmart—Connect product listings from your channel to Walmart Marketplace by updating existing listings selling the same product. Match criteria are determined by the attribute-mapping configuration for your channel.

  • Manually upload new listings—For products that do not match an existing listing on Walmart Marketplace, use a Walmart product category Excel template to bulk upload product listings.

Listing Controls and Column Descriptions

The following tables describe the controls and columns available for Listings.

Controls for Listings

Add Products
Opens the Admin Product Catalog page to select products to add to your Walmart Marketplace assortment, or to update product attributes to meet Walmart Marketplace listing requirements.
Match products on Walmart
After selecting one or more products in Draft status, select Match products on Walmart to check for product offers that can be added to an existing Walmart Marketplace listing.
Refresh products
Update the display with the most current listing and status. This control also resets the listing view to the default sort order and removes any filters.
Filter by Status
Show only listings with a specific status by selecting one of the status cards above the Listing table. Remove the filter by selecting Refresh products.
Sort products
Change the sort order for listing by selecting any column header.

Column descriptions

Product name
Name of the product from the Commerce store catalog.
SKU (Unique ID)
The SKU assigned to the product in the Commerce catalog.
Amount of inventory available in Adobe Commerce or Magento Open Source.
The product price from the Commerce store catalog. Catalog price updates are synced to Channel Manager, and then sent to Walmart Marketplace so that listed items show the current price.
Indicates the current order status in the Commerce order workflow. The status updates when you successfully add products to Channel Manager and when you match products on the marketplace. If an operation fails, the listing shows an error status. After you fix the error, Channel Manager retries the operation and updates the status.
Error Description
Provides additional error information for products with an Error status.

About listing status

In the Listing workspace, the Status label shows where a product is in the Channel Manager workflow so you can determine next steps and resolve errors. Listings can have the following status labels:

  • Draft–Identifies products that have not been submitted to Walmart for matching.

  • Processing—Identifies products submitted for matching on the Walmart Marketplace. Products remain in Processing status until the Walmart returns an HTTP status message that indicates whether the match was successful, or if there was an error. It can take up to 30 minutes for the match operation to complete on the Walmart Marketplace.

  • Match–Identifies products that were matched successfully on Walmart.

    A match occurs when the product attribute value—UPC code for example—matches the UPC value in an existing Walmart Marketplace listing. When a product matches, the Commerce product offer is added to the existing listing.

    Check the Walmart Marketplace Seller Account Items dashboard to review the updated product listing and verify product details, price, and inventory quantity.

  • Match - Match in Stage—Identifies products matched on Walmart that cannot be connected until the Walmart Marketplace store is live. Products with this status connect automatically when the Walmart Marketplace store goes live.

  • Error—Identifies products that were not matched to an existing Walmart Marketplace listing.

  • Error description—Provides detailed information about the listing error.

    After you resolve the error, resubmit the product for matching. See Troubleshoot product match errors.