Update Inventory and Pricing

Channel Manager tracks inventory and pricing for products in the Commerce product catalog and synchronizes updates to the connected sales channel and Walmart Marketplace. The sync operation ensures that product listings reflect current stock quantity and pricing.

After Channel Manager is installed and configured, all inventory, price, and order updates are synchronized automatically. If you already sell on Walmart Marketplace, make sure to disable any other integrations that update the product and order data. Then, verify that inventory stock levels and prices in the Commerce storefront are accurate and match the data in Walmart Marketplace before you connect Channel Manager to the live marketplace store.

Inventory updates

When product inventory levels change in Commerce, Channel Manager syncs updates to the Walmart Marketplace. It can take up to 10 minutes for inventory updates to sync across the sales channel to the Walmart marketplace.

  • Updates to stock quantity in product catalog—When Commerce stock quantity changes because of manual stock quantity changes, refunds, or cancellations, Channel Manager syncs the change to connected channels and Walmart Marketplace.

  • Reduce stock quantity to reflect Walmart Marketplace orders—After a Walmart Marketplace order syncs to Channel Manager, Channel Manager sends the update to the Commerce order system. Commerce adjusts stock quantities based on the order. Then, the updated quantity is synced to Walmart Marketplace. Until the sync operations are complete, you might see different quantities in the sales channel listings and Walmart.

After a Walmart Marketplace order syncs to Channel Manager, inventory quantities and order information are updated only for refunds and cancellations initiated from Commerce. If an order is refunded or canceled from the Walmart marketplace, process the change from Commerce to ensure the accuracy of Commerce inventory quantities and order information.

Price updates

When the product price changes in Commerce, Channel Manager syncs the update to the Walmart Marketplace. It can take up to five minutes for the price change to be displayed in the Walmart Marketplace listing.

Manage pricing for a connected product

  1. From the Admin, select Catalog > Products.
  2. In the product grid, find the product to update and select Edit.
  3. Review and update the price as needed.
  4. Save the change.

For help with managing product price configuration in Commerce, see Manage Pricing.