Onboard Amazon Sales Channel

This section describes the pre-setup tasks, steps for onboarding, and some key concepts of how Amazon works with the Amazon sales channel in Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source.

The Amazon Sales Channel extension supports multiple Amazon stores. For a single Amazon Seller Central account that operates in the Amazon U.S./Canada/Mexico region, create three Amazon stores (one each for U.S. sales, Mexico sales, and Canada sales). Each of the three stores defines the marketplace country during its creation. If you have more than one Amazon Seller Central account, you could potentially have up to three Amazon stores for each of your Amazon Seller Central accounts. If you also sell in the U.K., you would have a fourth Amazon store.

A Professional Seller account on Amazon Seller Central in the North America or European (UK) region is required. Amazon charges a monthly subscription and fees for selling. See Amazon: Choose your selling plan.

Onboarding is simple—create your store and then connect it to your Amazon Seller Central account.
When your store is connected, the Amazon channel attempts to import your Amazon listings and match them to your catalog, based on your attribute mapping.

Your Amazon sales channel settings affect your Amazon listings. Your initial listing, pricing, and product settings are defaulted for you. You can modify your store settings (listing, pricing, order, and reporting) after your store is connected to your Amazon Seller Central account.
What Happens
Pre-Setup Tasks
Before you onboard, you must ensure you have an active and approved Amazon Seller Central account. There are also some Commerce requirements and recommendations to complete before onboarding.
Verify the Amazon API Key
When accessing Amazon sales channel, Commerce automatically checks and validates the Amazon API key you have added in your store configuration. If your API key has not been added or is invalid, you are prompted to add or update your Amazon API Key.
Store Integration
This step includes creating an Amazon sales channel store and then connecting it to your Amazon Seller Central account. You need the primary log-in credentials for your Amazon Seller Central account (the email or phone used to create the seller account) for this step.
Create Listing Rule
After you connect your Amazon sales channel store, you are prompted to create a listing rule. This step is encouraged, but you can also skip it to start the listing import process. You can also access your store and listing settings on the store dashboard.