Sales channel settings

When the Amazon Sales Channel extension is installed, default values are set in the Admin for Amazon sales channel. These settings can be modified in your configuration settings for your Amazon store. These settings include:

  • Intervals for clearing Activity Log history
  • Cron source selection
  • Log synchronization options

Modify the Commerce channels settings

  1. On the Admin sidebar, go to Stores > Settings > Configuration.

  2. In the left panel, expand Sales Channels and choose Global Settings.

  3. For Clear Log History, choose an option:

    • Once Daily - Choose to clear your store activity history once daily.

    • Once Weekly - Choose to clear your store activity history once weekly.

    • Once Monthly - (Default) Choose to clear your store activity history once monthly.

  4. For Background Tasks (CRON) Source, choose Magento CRON.

    This option allows Amazon sales channel to use your Commerce Cron settings to determine communication and data sync intervals with Amazon Seller Central.

  5. For Enable Debug Logging, choose Enabled to collect additional synchronization data when troubleshooting is needed.

    Amazon sales channel logging is written to the {Commerce Root}/var/log/channel_amazon.log file and can be viewed in developer mode. Logging should only be Enabled during troubleshooting and should be Disabled when troubleshooting is complete.

  6. For Read-Only Mode, select Enabled to block all outgoing state-changing API requests.

    With this setting, potential changes are saved, but not sent, until Read-Only Mode is disabled. The configuration cache must be cleared for Read-Only Mode to enable. To start the data transfers again, select Disabled.

    note important
    Read-Only Mode is designed for copies of the Production instance, such as staging or QA, and should not be used on the production instance.
    When a database is migrated to a new copy of the instance (detected when a store’s URL changes in the configuration), Read-Only Mode is automatically enabled.
  7. Click Save Config.

Sales Channel configuration settings {width="600" modal="regular"}