Manage Amazon listings

Product Listing settings can be modified at any time after your Commerce store is integrated. You can access your listing settings on the store dashboard.

To access your product listings by their listing status, click Manage Listings in the Store Listings section. The Product Listings page opens to the Active tab by default.

You can also click Active Listings, Inactive Listings, and In Progress Listings in the Store Listings section to directly access those tabs.

In Progress Listings are either your Ready to List listings or your Incomplete Listings, depending on your Product Listing Actions settings. See the tab descriptions in Manage Listings by Status / Tab.

See Manage Listings by Status / Tab and Manage Listings by Action.

Access product listings

  1. On the Admin sidebar, go to Marketing > Channels > Amazon Sales Channel.

  2. Click View Store on a store card.

  3. On the store dashboard, click Manage Listings in the Store Listings section.

  4. To view listings in that status, click a tab.

    The Active tab displays by default.