Assign companies to a shared catalog

There are two ways to assign a company to a shared catalog. You can make the assignment from the Shared Catalogs grid, or edit the company and assign the shared catalog as you would choose a customer group.

Assign Companies

Method 1: Assign companies from the shared catalog

  1. On the Admin sidebar, go to Catalog > Shared Catalogs.

  2. For the shared catalog in the grid where you want to assign a company, go to the Action column and select Assign Companies.

    The list of available companies appears in the grid.

  3. Select the company that you want to assign to the shared catalog, click the Actions menu, and choose Assign Catalog.

    Available Companies {width="700" modal="regular"}

    As an alternative, you can click Assign in the Action column for any company that is not assigned to the catalog.

  4. Repeat for each company that you want to assign to the shared catalog.

    The company is assigned to the shared catalog.

  5. When complete, click Save.

Method 2: Edit the company

  1. On the Admin sidebar, go to Customers > Companies.

  2. For the company displayed in the grid, go to the Action column and click Edit.

    Edit Company {width="700" modal="regular"}

  3. On the company page, scroll down and expand Expansion selector the Advanced Settings section.

  4. Set Customer Group to the appropriate shared catalog.

    Changing the shared catalog assignment also changes the customer group assignment for all company members.

    Customer Groups / Shared Catalogs {width="600"}

  5. When prompted to confirm, click Proceed and then Save.