Migrate Campaign operators to Adobe Identity Management System (IMS) migrate-users-to-ims

Starting Campaign v8.6, the authentication process to Campaign v8 is being improved. All operators will use Adobe Identity Management System (IMS) only to connect to Campaign. Connecting with user/password (aka native authentication) will no longer be allowed. Adobe recommends to perform this migration in Campaign v8.5.2 to be able to migrate smoothly to Campaign v8.6.

As a Campaign Classic v7 managed services customer, if you are migrating to Campaign v8, this procedure also applies to you.

This article details the steps required to migrate a technical operator to technical account on Adobe Developer console.

What changed? move-to-ims-changes

With Campaign v8, all regular users should already connect to the Adobe Campaign client console using their Adobe ID, through Adobe Identity Management System (IMS). However, with some older configurations, user/password connections were still available. This will no longer be permitted starting Campaign v8.6.

In addition, as part of the effort to reinforce security and authentication process, Adobe Campaign client application now calls Campaign APIs directly using the IMS technical account token. Migration for technical operators is detailed in a dedicated article, available in this page.

This change is applicable starting Campaign v8.5.2, and will be mandatory starting Campaign v8.6.

Are you impacted? migrate-ims-impacts

If operators in your organization are connecting to Campaign client console using their login/password (aka. native authentication), you are impacted, and must migrate these operator(s) to Adobe IMS as detailed below.

Migration to Adobe Identity Management System (IMS) is a security imperative to make your environments secure and standardized, as most of the other Adobe Experience Cloud solutions and apps are already on IMS.

How to migrate? ims-migration-procedure

Prerequisites ims-migration-prerequisites

Before starting the migration process, you must reach out to your Adobe representative (Transition Manager) so that Adobe technical teams can migrate your existing Operator groups and Named rights to Adobe Identity Management System (IMS).

Key steps ims-migration-steps

Key steps for this migration are listed below:

  1. Adobe upgrades your environments to Campaign v8.5.2.
  2. After the upgrade, you can still create new users with both methods, as native user or with IMS.
  3. Your internal Campaign Administrator must add unique emails to all native users on the Campaign client console, and confirm to your Adobe Transition Manager once this is done. This step is detailed in this section.
  4. Work with Adobe to secure a date for Adobe to run automated migration for your non-technical users (operators) and product profiles. This step requires an hour window with no downtime to any of your instances.
  5. Your internal Campaign Administrator validates these changes, and provides sign-off. After this migration, you must no longer create any further operator authenticating with his login and password.

You can now migrate your technical operator(s) to Adobe Developer Console as detailed in this technote. This step is mandatory if you are using Campaign APIs.

Once this migration is completed, confirm to your Adobe Transition Manager: Adobe then marks the migration as complete, and blocks new native user creation and native user login. Your environment is then secured and standardized.

Frequently Asked Questions ims-migration-faq

When can I start the migration? ims-migration-start

A prerequisite for the migration to Adobe Identity Management System (IMS) is to upgrade your environment to Campaign v8.5.2.

You can start IMS migration on your stage environment, once it is upgraded to Campaign v8.5.2, and accordingly plan for production environment.

What happens after build upgrade to Campaign v8.5.2? ims-migration-after-upgrade

After your environments have been upgraded to Campaign v8.5.2, you can initiate your transition to Adobe Identity Management System (IMS).

New native user creation is still allowed until the IMS migration is complete.

When is the migration complete? ims-migration-end

Once end-user migration and technical user migration to Adobe Identity Management System (IMS) is done, you must contact your Adobe Transition Manager so that Adobe can mark your migration as complete, and block user creation from the client console, and disable native user login.

How to create users after migration? ims-migration-native

Once full IMS migration is complete, Adobe will apply the restrictions which will block new native user creation. These restrictions are not applied until IMS migration is complete.

For new customers - new native user creation is not permitted from the beginning.

As a Campaign Administrator, you can grant permissions to the users of your organization through Adobe Admin Console and Campaign client console. Users log on to Adobe Campaign with their Adobe ID. Learn more in this documentation.

How to add emails for current native users? ims-migration-id

As a Campaign Administrator, you must add email IDs to all native users from the client console. To perform this, follow the steps below:

  1. Connect to the client console and browse to Administration > Access Management > Operators.
  2. Select the operator to update in the operator list.
  3. Enter the email of the operator in the Contact points section of the operator form.
  4. Save your changes.

As a workflow supervisor, or a Campaign administrator, ou can also perform a bulk update of your operators with a workflow.

Key steps to update your operators with a workflow

To perform a bulk update of your native operators, follow these steps:

  1. Create a workflow to extract in a CSV file all your operators which are connecting to Campaign with the native authentication mode. Use a Query activity and a Data extraction (file) activity to create the CSV file. For each operator, based on their profile data, you can export the following columns: Name, Label.

    Learn more about the Query activity in this page

    Learn more about the Data extraction (file) activity in this page

  2. Update the CSV file with a new column containing the emails of your operators.

  3. Create a workflow to import updated data, with a Data loading (file) activity and an Update data activity in the workflow.


  4. Edit the Data loading (file) activity and define the settings to load the updated CSV file, as per the sample below.


    Learn more about the Data loading (file) activity in this page

  5. Edit the Update data activity and define the settings as per the sample below. Note that the Updated dimension has been changed to Operators (xtk).


    Learn more about the Update data activity in this page

  6. Run the workflow and check results. The email address has been added to the operator’s profile.


How to log in to Campaign via IMS? ims-migration-log

Learn how to connect to Campaign with your Adobe ID in this section.

Will there be a downtime during this migration? ims-migration-downtime

To finalize the migration (migrate users and product profiles), Adobe requires one hour window with no downtime to any of your instances (workflows, etc).

During this timeframe, all Campaign users need to log off, and log back with their Adobe ID once the migration to IMS is finalized.

What happens to users that are logged in during IMS user migration? ims-migration-log-off

Adobe strongly recommends all users should be logged off during the migration window.

Users in my organization are already using IMS, do I still need to perform IMS Migration? ims-migration-needed

There are 2 aspects in this migration: end-users migration and technical users migration (used in APIs in your custom code).

If all your users (Campaign operators) are on IMS you do not need to perform this migration. However, you still need to migrate Technical users you might have used in custom code. Learn more in this page.

Once this migration is done, you must contact your Adobe Transition Manager so that Adobe finalizes the migration.

How to view your Operators’ authentication type?

Learn how to view your Operators’ authentication type in Campaign:

  1. From the Explorer, access Administration > Access Management > Operators.

  2. Right-click the header row and select the Configure list menu.

  3. Add Account Disabled and Authentication Type as Output columns.

You can now see the list of your Operators and their Authentication Type.