External signal external-signal

The External signal activity lets you trigger execution of a set of tasks in a workflow to a schedule.

When an ‘External signal’ task is activated, it is paused indefinitely or until the end of the specified time period. Its transition is activated by the SOAP call PostEvent(sessionToken, workflowId, activity, transition, parameters, complete). The complete parameter allows the task to be finished, so it will not react to subsequent calls.

Refer to the online documentation concerning SOAP calls for further information on the PostEvent function.

You can configure this activity in order to define events if no signal is received. To do this, edit the activity and click the Expiration tab. Click the Insert button to create and configure an event.

The configuration of expirations is detailed in Expirations.

The Delay field lets you specify an expiration delay in the units of your choice. See Wait.

Each line represents a type of expiration and coincides with a transition.