Cross-channel deliveries cross-channel-deliveries

Cross-channel deliveries are available in the Deliveries tab of campaign workflow activities.

Select the template on which you want to base your delivery and define its content.

You can specify a target for your delivery upstream of the workflow using the different targeting activities.

In the example below, learn how to create a workflow to send an email or an SMS for push notification subscribers then a push notification one week later. To do this:

  1. Create a campaign.

  2. In the Targeting and workflows tab of your campaign, add a Query activity.

  3. Configure your query: select the recipients who are subscribed to push notifications as the target dimension.

    note note
    For the push notifications, use the subscriber applications target dimension.

  4. Add the filter conditions to your query. In this case, we will select recipients who have a mobile number or email address.

  5. Add a Split activity to your workflow to divide recipients who have a mobile number and those who have an email address.

  6. In the Delivery tab, select a delivery for each of your targets.

    Create your delivery in the same way as with a classic delivery wizard by double-clicking the delivery activity in your workflow.

  7. Add and configure a Wait activity in order for the recipients not to receive too many deliveries at once.

  8. Add a Split activity to divide subscribers of an iOS or Android mobile applications.

    Select a service for each of the operating systems.

  9. Select and configure a mobile application delivery for each of the operating systems.