Manage workflow permissions managing-rights

If they are not Administrators, Adobe Campaign operators need access rights for creating, executing or modifying workflows.

Generally speaking, operators acting on workflows need to access the files containing the data used during the various activities (recipients, recipient list, subscriptions, deliveries, etc.), and possibly their sub-files.

They must also be mapped to the named rights that coincide with the actions performed by workflows which they will affect (recipient import, file access, fusion, SQL script execution, etc.).

For more on managing operators and permissions, refer to this section.

Operator groups operator-groups-wf

The following operator groups are associated to the workflow:

  • The Workflow execution group lets you control the execution and approval of targeting workflows: the WORKFLOW named right is mapped to this group’s operators. It is required for all actions on workflows, in addition to access rights to the data files. By default, the Workflow execution group has read-only access to standard targeting workflow files and workflow templates. Operators in this group also have read and write access to the pending approvals file.
  • The Workflow supervisors group lets operators manage workflow approvals.
  • The Operation Managers group to access campaign workflows.

Named rights named-rights

Only the WORKFLOW named right is specific to workflows: it lets you create, start and stop workflows. Reading rights on the workflow file are required for the named right to be applicable. For targeting workflows, the reading right on the Profiles and Targets file is necessary.

Workflow execution account workflow-execution-account

You can configure the execution account to be used at the workflow template level. The execution account lets you map authorizations to the workflow directly, irrespective of the Adobe Campaign operator starting the execution. By default, every workflow is executed with the rights of the operator who started it.

To map an execution account to a workflow, go to the list of workflow templates and right-click on the template linked to the workflow. Choose Action > Change execution account… then select the account to be used.