Manage assets and documents manage-assets-documents

You can associate various documents with a campaign: reports, photos, web pages, diagrams, etc. These documents can be in any format.

In a campaign you can also refer to other items, such as promotional coupons, special offers relating to a specific brand or store, etc. When these elements are included in an outline, they can be associated with a direct mail delivery. Learn more.

This capability is designed for small assets and documents.

Add documents add-documents

Documents can be associated at the campaign level (contextual documents) or the program level (general documents).

For a campaign, the Documents tab contains:

  • The list of all documents required for the content (template, images, etc.) that can be downloaded locally by Adobe Campaign operators with suitable rights,
  • Documents containing information for the router, if any.

The documents are linked to the program or the campaign via the Edit > Documents tab.

You can also add a document to a campaign from the dedicated link in the dashboard.

Click the Detail… icon to view the content of a file and to add information:

In the dashboard, documents associated with the campaign are grouped in the Document(s) section, as in the following example:

They can also be edited and modified from this view.

Use delivery outlines delivery-outlines

A delivery outline is structured set of elements (documents, stores, promotional coupons, etc.) created by the company and for a particular campaign. It is used in the context of direct mail deliveries.

These elements are grouped in delivery outlines, and each delivery outline will be associated with a delivery; it will be referenced in the extraction file sent to the service provider in order to be attached to the delivery. For example, you can create a delivery outline that refers to a unit and the marketing brochures it uses.

For a campaign, delivery outlines let you structure external elements to be associated with the delivery according to certain criteria: related unit, promotional offer granted, invitation to a local event, etc.

Delivery outlines are restricted to direct mail campaigns.

Create a delivery outline create-an-outline

To create a delivery outline, click the Delivery outlines sub-tab in the Edit > Documents tab of the concerned campaign.

If you cannot see this tab, then this capability is not available for this campaign, or the direct mail delivery is not enabled in your instance. Refer to the campaign template configuration or to your license agreement.

Next, click Add a delivery outline and create the hierarchy of outlines for the campaign:

  1. Right-click the root of the tree and select New > Delivery outlines.
  2. Right-click the outline you have just created and select New > Item or New > Personalization fields.

An outline can contain items, personalization fields, and offers:

  • Items can be physical documents, for example, which are referenced and described here and will be attached to the delivery.

  • Personalization fields enable you to create personalization elements related to deliveries rather than recipients. It is thus possible to create values to be used in deliveries for a specific target (welcome offer, a discount, etc.) They are created in Adobe Campaign and imported into the outline via the Import personalization fields… link.

    They can also be created directly in the outline by clicking the Add icon to the right of the list zone.

Select an outline select-an-outline

For each delivery, you can select the outline to associate from the section reserved for the extraction outline, as in the following example:

The selected outline is then displayed in the lower section of the window. It can be edited using the icon to the right of the field or altered using the drop-down list:

The Summary tab of the delivery also displays this information:

Extraction result extraction-result

In the file extracted and sent to the service provider, the name of the outline and, where appropriate, its characteristics (cost, description, etc.) are added to the content according to the information in the export template associated with the service provider.

In the following example, the label, estimated cost, and description of the outline associated with the delivery will be added to the extraction file.

The export model must be associated with the service provider selected for the delivery concerned. See this section.