Activate Adobe Experience Platform audiences in a workflow Adobe Experience Platform Audiences in a Marketing Workflow

This capability is in beta, and subject to frequent updates and modifications without notice. Audience Destinations is based on Adobe Experience Platform and requires a specific configuration.
Please reach out to Adobe Customer Support if you plan to implement this capability.

This video explains how to activate the Data Services Query Audience within a workflow by using the Read Audience activity.

In this video, I’m going to walk you through on how you can activate your Data Services Query Audience in Adobe Campaign Starter. In order to active you Data Services Query Audience, you must first go to Marketing activities.
From there you’ll need to create a new workflow.
In my canvas the only activity that allows me to access the Data Service Query Audience is the Read Audience activity within the Targeting section. And drag and drop this activity onto my canvas. I will go ahead and edit it, which will allow me to select the Data Services Query Audience for activation. Here you can select the type of audience. If you select the Adobe Campaign Standard audience, you will only have the audiences from the Adobe Campaign Standard listed. But if I select the Adobe Experience Platform, only the audiences from the Data Services Query will be populated. And you must also note that only audiences created with Adobe Campaign Standard will be listed.
I will go ahead and select my audience. The last of demo, the audience we created was for targeting a group where they made a purchase in the last three months. I named that audience demo, so I will go ahead and select this audience to active.
Once I have selected it, I’ll go ahead and click confirm. Afterwards you can use any additional targeting activity to further segment the audience as desired.
For the purpose of this demo, I’m just going to save it. So I’m gonna go ahead and start to run the activity.
For now as you see, the buffer bar going. We’re gonna let the activity run.
Now that the activity has completed, you can see that it took about 23 minutes for the entire workflow to run. And the result was about over a hundred thousand profiles in this audience definition. There are other things you can do such as, send an email, send an SMS message. Or send a PUSH or in app message on a mobile app device.
Thank you for watching.

Activate an Adobe Experience Platform audience in a workflow (02:37 min)

See the product documentation on how to ingest Adobe Experience Platform audiences into Campaign