Create an SMS delivery

Learn how to create an SMS delivery.

Welcome to Adobe Campaign. In this video, we will learn about SMS delivery. Adobe Campaign lets us perform mass personalized deliveries for SMS messages. To do this, the recipient profile must contain at least a mobile number. To send a delivery to a mobile phone, we need an external account specifying a connector and type of message, and the delivery template in which the external account is referenced. For this demo, we will use an existing SMPP external account and delivery template. To create a new SMS delivery, we can navigate to the delivery dashboard, then select Create. In the delivery window, select a delivery template from the template folder, then identify our delivery with a label code and description. In this example, let’s select an event template from the drop-down of available templates. Once complete, select Continue. After selecting Continue, we need to select our target population to be a custom list called SMS Delivery. Select the To hyperlink text to open the target selection window, then select Add to add a target type. Next, double-click a list of recipients, followed by selecting the custom list we wish to use. When configuring the SMS delivery far in advance of the actual delivery date, we can use the schedule function to set the date closer to when we want the delivery to go out. Once selected, choose the best option from the available radio buttons. We are also able to view, change, and preview the content of the SMS delivery. Select Preview, followed by selecting a recipient to generate an SMS preview. Once we are happy with the changes, we can select Save on the bottom right. Now that we are ready to send our delivery, let’s select our delivery, followed by selecting the Send button. A popover appears, and select the best option. In our case, we want to deliver as soon as possible. Once selected, an Analyze button appears. Select Analyze to confirm the delivery. If we wanted, we could also implement this workflow using similar steps in a campaign workflow. We have now sent an SMS delivery. Thanks for watching.